CMS Photography

A successful photograph from CMS Photography moves and motivates, persuades, educates and emphasizes. And changes a point of view or belief. A successful photograph captures the hearts and minds. Tells a story. Brings tears or laughter. And freezes a moment forever.

CMS Photography captures your architectural masterpiece in perfect lighting. Present your corporate look to the world. Introduce your new products line. Deliver you to exotic destinations. And awaken your appetite.



Architecture Photography

CEO of Cheiron Gene Kalwarski by Liliane Blom

Portrait Photography

George Mason University staff portraits by Liliane Blom

Corporate Photography


Product Photography

Product Photography

Travel Photography - Outer Banks by Liliane Blom

Travel Photography

 Food Photography Doughnuts heart shaped by Liliane Blom

Food Photography

Killer composition or design of a photograph assembles the elements following the principles of art—triangular composition, movement, contrast, harmony, balance and proportion, pattern and rhythm and geometry. Check ‘em out next time you are at a photography exhibit.

Triangles are one of the most powerful shapes. Triangular composition groups three points of a photograph for strength and power. The simplest of all polygons, the triangle lives in our subconscious. In a photograph, three lines close to form this basic shape. Our talented photographers embrace this successful, time-honored technique.
Movement shows the paths the viewer’s eye follows to the photographer’s attention areas. Harmony is accomplished using similar elements to created unity. Very Zen. Contrast creates conflict with, for example, strong blacks and whites or complimentary colors. Balance sees the elements arranged so no part of the composition overwhelms: symmetrical, asymmetrical or radial.

Proportion measures the size of elements in a photograph with an understanding of 3-dimentionality. Pattern and rhythm use repetition to suggest movement as the photograph seems to come to life. And last but not least, geometry using the Golden Mean for beauty and composition in a photograph relies on the ratio 1:1618.

Principles of design also are understood by photographers from CMS Photography. Line is the visual path, a shape is defined by edges, color, texture or surface qualities, tone used to define form, 3-D, space taken up by positive and negative objects, and depth.

Award-winning photographers at CMS Photography instinctively use all the elements of fine photography to create passion and persuasion for your product or service.